Why Buy? More Distance from Neighbors…

There are lots of arguments both in favor and against buying your own home. Take a look at this quick video for an example of being a little further away from your neighbors might be a benefit. If you think it might be time to leave rent behind and look into buying your own home […] Read More

Six Tax Benefits for Tehachapi Homeowners

Most folks know that there are tax benefits to owning a home in Tehachapi or Kern County as compared to renting.  You might be surprised at how much those might be worth.  Please remember that you should always consult your tax professional when making major financial decisions.  That said, check the list to see where you can […] Read More

Top 5 Hidden Costs for Tehachapi Renters

It’s not unusual for folks to think that it is cheaper to rent than it is to buy.  Admittedly, it may be true in some cases.  What is also true is that many renters overlook hidden costs of renting.  Those hidden costs can be enough to tip the scales toward homeownership all by themselves.  Were […] Read More

What’s one of the biggest mistakes Tehachapi renters make?

You found the perfect home to rent in Tehachapi, you signed the lease and moved in. Everything’s great, right? So what is the one thing you forgot? How about tenant’s insurance? The landlord needs to have an insurance policy to protect damage or loss of the building you are renting. But you need to have […] Read More

What’s the key to your new Tehachapi home?

Have you thought that you will always be stuck in a rental?  Lots of folks feel that way, primarily because they don’t understand that there may be choices.  Keep reading to find out how to own the keys to your own home. Have you always dreamed of owning your own home?  The option of home […] Read More