What’s one of the biggest mistakes Tehachapi renters make?

You found the perfect home to rent in Tehachapi, you signed the lease and moved in. Everything’s great, right? So what is the one thing you forgot? How about tenant’s insurance?

The landlord needs to have an insurance policy to protect damage or loss of the building you are renting. But you need to have insurance too. You, as the renter, need to have insurance to protect your stuff (“contents” in insurance parlance).

The most important aspect of a tenant’s policy is fire coverage. If you’ve just moved in a month before Christmas, it would be horrifying to lose everything you own because of a Christmas tree fire, wouldn’t it? Or. how about another common cause of house fires, candles? Maybe you wanted to be a little warmer, so you used a space heater and had it set too close to the curtains.

The result of all those unfortunate situations is that without insurance, you likely lose all your stuff and your place to live. A contents policy will let you start over without going too deeply in debt to do it.

There are lots of other reasons to make sure you have a tenant’s policy. Call your favorite insurance agent to find out more. If you don’t have a favorite agent, contact me and I’ll help you find someone.

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